Community Projects

Attention:  The Community Projects committee will continue to collect box tops to be distributed to

Schreiber Pediatrics. Schreiber will redeem the box tops to purchase products that are used

within their facilities.

SO......please cut them off the tops of cereal, boxed potatoes, paper goods, etc and bring

them to the meetings each month.  

Another good deed you can do is drop off all old glossy magazines at the rear of McDonald's on Manheim Pike near the entrance to Park City. The funds from the magazine collection is used for the Ronald McDonald House.

Ways and Means Committee

Each year the Ways and Means Committee is responsible for raising the funds needed to fund educational  scholarships as well as operational costs for our chapter.

 Participating on this committee is a great way to get to know the other women in our chapter.

 It is also a safe and supportive environment to develop different skills

that can be used in your career.